People don't buy the best product or service, they buy the one they can best understand.

If you find it hard to explain what you do in a way that has people jumping out of their seats to sign up, buy, or donate then it's time we refreshed your messaging to tell a clear and compelling story. 

Step 1: Work through the StoryBrand Framework

Choose from three fantastic options based on your needs, availability, and budget:

Go through the framework online

Attend a Live Workshop

Host On-Site Training

Step 2: Schedule a Review

We'll dig into your brandscript together and make sure it's as tight as can be and that you're comfortable enough with the process to use it over and over again.

Step 3: Watch Your Profits Increase

A clear and compelling message will have a massive impact on your bottom line, whether you're fundraising or fulfilling orders. 

Ready to Get Started?

Christy helped Hope Works to really drill down and clarify what it was we wanted our donors to know about us. Going through the brand script allowed us to identify what about our mission connected best to our audience and the most compelling way to explain it. Christy offered a lot of valuable ideas as we brainstormed and has a knack for bringing out what matters most and articulating it. We can’t wait to use this framework again soon!
— Mary Elizabeth Goodell, Hope Works Community Development


Already been through StoryBrand and need help implementing your brandscript? I've got your covered.


What this is:  We'll jump on Zoom and walk through your brandscript. I'll answer any questions you have and we'll make sure that you're in great shape start sharing your story over a cocktail, in an elevator, or across the world wide web.

What you get: Confidence and clarity. As well as a recording of our call to revisit as needed. 

Who it's good for: If you finished StoryBrand but aren't sure that your message is as clear as it can be, this is a great option for you!

Investment: $500


What this is: We'll do a full assessment to understand your products and services, identify customer pathways, and locate holes in your current marketing plan. 

What you get: Two days of digging into your business, your brand, and your current marketing that results in a strategic game plan to turn your marketing around and see results. We'll wireframe your website, brainstorm ideas for opt-ins, plan out email sequences, and discuss optimal marketing channels and opportunities. 

Who it's good for: Businesses that have a brandscript but aren't sure how to fully implement it. 

Investment: $6500


What this is: Monthly coaching to help you clarify your message, take action, and see impact in your work. 

What you get: We'll meet on Zoom each month to discuss your marketing strategy and create an actionable plan for growth. Each month you'll receive a recording of our call as well as weekly email check-ins to provide accountability, answer questions, and equip you with any additional resources you need. We can talk about how to optimize your website, create opt-ins, build your list, master email marketing and much more. 

Who it's good for: This is a great option for a small business and individuals who are handling their own marketing but find it hard to focus, grow their business, or know which steps to take next. We'll create a plan together and you'll receive plenty of accountability and support along the way. 

Investment: $750/month, 3 month minimum

Not sure which option to choose or still have questions?