When you're faced with 582 ideas or to-do list items, success can feel a million miles away and knowing where to start can be flat out overwhelming. 


The truth is, regardless of our roles or titles, we often get lost in the minutiae of our work -- working in our business rather than on our business. We get paralyzed by the amount of to-dos on our list or waylaid by a new shiny object, or simply perpetually delayed due to constant firefighting. And so it helps to have someone else to talk things through, create a clear plan of action, and provide the accountability we need to stay on track and make our business grow.


Two Avenues to Success

Depending on your needs right now, I offer two packages to help you combat overwhelm, find a ally and thought partner, and if needed, have someone to help you stay the course and build some momentum. 

Momentum Coaching

This is a three month program for the leader who is either stuck, stalled, or simply overwhelmed and needs a clear path forward and some accountability along the way. We'll meet for a two-hour kick-off session to create a strategy based on your goals. From there, we'll do quick, weekly check-ins as well as utilize a powerful tool to help measure progress as you gain some serious momentum towards realizing your vision. 

You'll also receive:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Relevant tools and resources as needed
  • A thought partner, ally, coach, and advisor
  • Recommendations for additional service providers, when needed

Thought Partnership

Sometimes, you're not needing momentum as much as just a place to come and process, brain dump, talk things through, and have a trusted thought partner to listen and reflect. Verbal processors, I've got you. If this sounds like something you've been craving then you're in the right place. You'll receive a bundle of hours to use at your discretion and book when you need.

You'll also receive:

  • An SOS number in case something comes up and my calendar is full
  • Recordings of every call (because we both know you said something brilliant during our conversation)
  • An unedited transcript of the call to skim through

Christy knows what small businesses need and how they should interact with their audience. Every meeting we had gave me renewed passion and motivation to drive my business forward. She always had brilliant ideas and suggestions based on my business’ situation. Since I met Christy, we have worked on building up my networks both online and offline. Along with improving my presences on social platforms like LinkedIn, she also helped me host my first open house event, which was a smashing success. Thanks to Christy, I am getting both more attention and more business.
— Jane Chen, Archfu