Whether you're still sketching out ideas on the back of a napkin or looking to see more impact in the work that you do, we can help. 



Clarify Your purpose

Are you passionate about providing clean drinking water to villages in India, creating a mentoring program, or publishing your memoirs? We can help you dig deeper, take effective action, and see an impact from your passion.


CRAFT your message

Go from muddy messages to clear stories that capture attention and generate engagement with any audience. As a Storybrand Certified Guide, Christy uses a simple 7 part framework that has helped thousands of businesses 4x their revenue.


Change the world

Your product, service or cause is a great one, but taking your business to the next level can be challenging. We can help remove the overwhelm and develop an effective strategy for growth so that you can go ahead and change the world.

Christy was instrumental in shaping and refining my company’s value proposition. Most impressive was her ability to ask the right questions at the right time, stop me when I went astray with my thoughts, and then put it all together for me. She was a delight to work with, always responsive, and with the ability to produce high quality results. Thanks Christy!
— Jeff Tan, REV
The work we did with Christy was excellent. We worked through some very deep and thought provoking questions with her that helped us better understand our core strengths and how they should be positioned with our potential clients. The process was very well structured with each session building on the previous one. Christy’s marketing insight and knowledge have proven to be incredibly valuable to us.
— Kwang Edeker, Grove Consulting

Three hangups that we often hear...


You might. And if you do, good for you. But more than likely you'll always find a reason to put it off until "someday" and then... well, let's be honest. It will never happen. We see it far too frequently. So why not let today be "someday"? You just never know how it might shape your legacy. 


Actually, the reason a lot of folks hire us is to help them gain clarity. No one has everything figured out when they start, but we can help you wherever you're at in the process -- even if all you've got is the back of a napkin and a grand idea. (We absolutely love grand ideas!)


We know how daunting standing at the base of your own Everest can be. There's a million things to do and you're just one person, where do you begin? We'll walk along side you to determine the best starting place and how to not only prepare for the climb but reach the summit. 

Clarity is what I needed, and clarity is what I got after speaking with Christy. I had no clue how to make sense of the plethora of ideas stuffed in my brain. Christy walked me through the steps to clarify the picture of who I want to serve and how I can help them. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have all my ducks in a row before we talked. Christy’s questions and gentle prodding had those ducklings swimming in a nice neat line.
— Darla Fields

What are you waiting for?