Does your LinkedIn profile stand out or blend in?

You have less than 10 seconds to make a first impression. When potential clients and customers happen on your profile, have you given them a reason to stay? Or do you get passed by because of a blasé profile while others get a second, third, or fourth look?

Don't be overlooked. Leverage your LInkedIn profile to gain clients, build a great network and even land your dream job.

If you’re not sure how to ramp up your profile so you stand out in a crowd of grey, we can help.


Join us for Leveraging LinkedIn: Building Your Brand Through Your LinkedIn Profile


In three live sessions you will:

LinkedIn on phone.jpg
  • Dedicate laser focused time to tackle something you’ve likely been putting off for a while

  • Learn how to craft your headline and summary to stand out from the crowd

  • Spruce up your past employment, add relevant hobbies, and tout your portfolio pieces so that your profile really shines

  • Get valuable peer feedback throughout the series

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BONUS! Receive a copy of Leveraging LinkedIn, a comprehensive guide on how to optimize your profile, grow your network, ask for recommendations, and make the most out of LinkedIn features regardless of whether you’re looking for employment, new connections or potential clients.

So, what’s it cost?

Only $27.

why so little $$ for so much Value?

Simple, we want to remove as many barriers as we can and help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

But there IS a caveat - we will be meeting for three live sessions on June 8th, 15th, and 22nd (at 7:00 PM Eastern) via Zoom. We will not be recording the sessions.

Why no recordings?

While these live sessions will contain some guidance, they're mainly for you to have some dedicated time to work on your profile in the company of others who are doing the same thing. They're also a chance to gather feedback and support as you work. Watching a recording just doesn't give you that same experience.

With that being said, if you come to the sessions and do the work, you'll have a sharp, peer reviewed profile that will win those second, third, and fourth views.

So… You in?